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Organ Transplantation – Everything You Need To Know

Organ transplantation is a big twist in someone’s life. The extremely tensed conditions make it more difficult to handle the situation as organ transplantation is not a situation you deal every day. It’s a state when every second of your day, goes in thinking and struggling to find a donor who can be a life saviour for someone you love a lot.
Here are few things which may help you in getting a better understanding of the process of organ transplantation.
What is transplantation? – In simple language organ transplantation or transplantation is the process of moving an organ from a donor’s body to a recipient’s body in need of that organ.
A donor can be a living person or a dead person.  Organs of a dead person are kept on ventilators in workable conditions till they can be used for any transplantation operation.

Types of organs that can be transplanted
Liver, Intestine, Lungs, Heart , Kidney, Pancreas.

What is organ transplant waiting list?
It’s a list where the recipient or a person in the need of an organ get listed on a national waiting list. To get listed one needs to visit a transplant hospital where the patient will be examined by a physician about his present health condition and medical history. This is done to decide whether the patient is eligible to be listed or not.  

What Next?
Different states have different systems to facilitate organ transplantation. Such as Maharashtra has ZTCC i.e Zonal Transplant Coordination Center whereas Tamil Nadu has TNOS which stands for Tamil Nadu Network for Organ Sharing.
So, after getting listed the organ transplant process goes like this –
-    A donated organ comes in the centre.
-    Center makes a list of potential recipients.
-    The centre sends a notification about the available organs.
-    A transplant team matches the availability from the requirements of waiting recipient list.   
-    The organ either get accepted or declined.  

Organ Transplantation in India
When it comes to organ transplantation, medical tourism is quite high in India. Below are some reasons, that makes India a popular destination for organ transplantation.
-    24*7 support  via e-mail and call facility.
-    Best medical centres with masterly medical treatments.
-    Affordable and cost-effective packages on medical tourism and treatments.
-    Best organ transplantation surgeons.


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